Performing arts can do marvels…… Anyone can be a great performer. It’s not of your age or size but how much confident and capable you are to do something.

Long time back, most of us used to be shy and timid. But then we all turned over a new leaf in our lives that is the “Whyteleafe” wonder school. From then onwards we gained confidence to eliminate the cowardice inside us. Day by day, we composed an artistic melody in our lives…..

By now, after a year’s passage of time it has been the most awesome composition we’ve ever made…… You owe all that tribute because you are something more than an Alma -mater. Any of these mere words will not define you because you are unique in every single way….. Whyteleafe, the isle of laughter. The rhythm of our lives.

Really, we might be the luckiest group of kids on earth who experienced such series of wonders on stage which now give us a tremendous flashback with something new, valuable and innovative.

Once a week when we meet in the class from the doorstep we discover the glamorous world woven for us. It’s pleasing to obey your kind advices. Your possible encouragement was a wonderful gift to receive. Dear teacher of ours, you’ve been the guiding star since we’ve known you. You’ve mastered the most difficult art of understanding children’s feelings and aspirations. As students we’re forever grateful for the way you’ve touched our lives.

Through the lessons we learned and the experiences gathered, our capabilities and creativity had been measured through competitions. We created a verbal attack, in debating. We communicated effectively, in the speech auditions. We analyze our thoughts critically, in critics. We dealt our business transactions, as young entrepreneurs. We presented confidently, as announcers. We set free our voices melodiously, in singing. We fascinated all through our rhythm, as dancers. And we tactfully pretended to be someone else, as actors. What a great variety? All these combination of talents would certainly build up strong foundation and it will lay us the path to a bright future.

As the fresh products of Whyteleafe, it’s really an honour for us to stand straight, ardent-spirited to embrace the admirations. So we all pray with strength “Long live Whyteleafe!!!”

Tharuki Pabasara Pathirana

Best Overall Performance – 2015