A garden from the heavens…

I was a person with no such talents or so called greatness within me, so I thought. The only thing I could do was to act. This is the only occasion when I’m on stage that I feel at home. This was until I felt the warmth that emanated from a fire place called “Whyteleafe”.

I am delighted to bring you this message for the “Whyteleafe Pini Poda Wessak 2016” as a student who is learning and relishing his time here, at Whyteleafe.

‘What do we accomplish here?’ and ‘what are the purposes that are served?’ are questions that revolve around Whyteleafe. Let me educate you on that matter through one phrase, “We are a jovial bunch of people who march forward together by recognizing our talents and developing new skills to become future leaders”. Today I am a speaker, a presenter, an actor and a dreamer who seek to be a great success in the future, all thanks to “Whyteleafe”. It’s not just another arts school, it is a garden from the heavens that is jam-packed with wisdom, jollity and life ethics.

We were once categorized as typical society but now we have blossomed into immaculate assemblage of people who march on to take the world by astonishment, and for that we must thank our teacher and to say that we are forever in debt. I am honored to utter these words saying that, “Our cause lies on success and our pleasure lies on helping others. As we move forward there is a great power guiding us, it is our garden from the heavens named “Whyteleafe”.


Pankaja Kulatunga