Imaya Minduli Bogoda

One day ten little tippy toes entered an amazing world. That amazing world started with the letter we all like to use which is the letter “W”. As days passed by she discovered all her skills and potentials which she even didn’t know that she had them in herself. To help her in this process of discovering skills and potentials right from the beginning she met a wonderful teacher who was in the world which started with letter “W”.

Dear all,

The girl in the above short story was none other than me. The amazing world with the letter “W” is WHYTELEAFE ACADEMY. The wonderful teacher is my dear sir Nalaka Swarnathilake.

Singing, dancing was not a part of my life. But at the end of a short journey around this world I got a rhythm into my life, which changed my life into a musical, fun and a balanced character. I thought that organizing events and entrepreneurship were only meant for adults. But with another journey around this world I learnt how far children can go in these fields than adults.

Today, if I hadn’t met WHYTELEAFE ACADEMY or my dear sir Nalaka, I wouldn’t have been able to get all the opportunities and achievement that I have stored.

Years back I was timid and shy, but now I’m a new leaf. I’m sure that this is the beginning and the result of each and every child who explored the amazing world called WHYTELEAFE.





Imaya Minduli Bogoda

Best Overall Performance – 2016

Best Overall Performance – 2015