Performing arts can do marvels…… Anyone can be a great performer. It’s not of your age or size but how much confident and capable you are to do something.

Long time back, most of us used to be shy and timid. But then we all turned over a new leaf in our lives that is the “Whyteleafe” wonder school. From then onwards we gained confidence to eliminate…

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Tharuki Pabasara PathiranaBest Overall Performance – 2015
One day ten little tippy toes entered an amazing world. That amazing world started with the letter we all like to use which is the letter “W”. As days passed by she discovered all her skills and potentials which she even didn’t know that she had them in herself. To help her in this process of discovering skills and potentials right from the beginning she met a wonderful teacher who was in the world which started with letter “W”…

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Imaya Minduli Bogoda Best Overall Performance – 2016
I was a person with no such talents or so called greatness within me, so I thought. The only thing I could do was to act. This is the only occasion when I’m on stage that I feel at home. This was until I felt the warmth that emanated from a fire place called “Whyteleafe”…

I am delighted to bring you this message for the “Whyteleafe Pini Poda Wessak 2016” as a student who…

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Pankaja Kulatunga
Among thousand twinkling stars,

I regarded myself unique-

Not because I was tall, thin or just blind

But, as I had my own shadow…

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Ranudi Kulathunga
It was just another normal day

Infact it was a holiday

I was kinda bored with nothing to do

When I heard about this special place…

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Ruwanya Athukorala
මල් කැකුළු පුදින

සුවඳ දස ඇත පැතිරෙන

සුන්දර මල් ගොමුවකි

සදා සිතෙහිම පවතින…

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Dinaya Jayasekara