Public Speaking

Communication is the backbone of any society. It allows us to form connections, influence decisions, and motivate change. Developing the confidence of public speaking one of the main activities done at Whyteleafe from very small age.

BizKids 2019

Whyteleafe BizKids is about setting up a serious business and making real money. We have students who take the effort of doing market researches before choosing their ideas. To this effect, we introduced ‘Young Entrepreneurship program’ for students of age 8-16 years. This is based on an individual project undertaken by the students of the Whyteleafe Academy where they did an end-to-end process of starting and running a business – including planning, manufacturing, sales, business promotions and business presentation. This contest is being organized to be unique and beyond a traditional competition seen in schools. 

Young Critics Competition 2019

The art of criticism is an insight to the way in which one perceives various works of others. A discussion on this encourages students not only to think critically but also to present creatively. A competition done by encouraging not destructive, but constructive criticism from their childhood itself, gives us a promising future of a refined audience who will have a quality taste on art which on the long run will produce artistes of high caliber. The award winning poet, writer and columnist, Buddhadasa Galappaththi graced the event to officiate as the judge.

Pini Poda Wessak 2018

Young talents in Acting