When you ask today’s children about their future job, they give customary answers saying they like to become an engineer, doctor, lawyer or a teacher. Often, it is parents who have embedded this prototype answer in children’s minds. In reality, there is a large amount of job opportunities available in the modern world apart from these standard professions. Children have no knowledge about this until they reach the school leaving stage. Today’s children don’t dream about architecture, IT, business management, finance, factory, agriculture, furniture, modeling, food and beverages, garments, medicine, vehicle and electronic goods related jobs. It is no fault of the children but the fault of the education system and elders.

In this background, the Whyteleafe Academy has launched a child entrepreneurship project for small children for the first time in Sri Lanka. An entrepreneur is a valuable resource or asset in the fast developing world.

Creative entrepreneurs are capable of producing new employment opportunities through the production and sale of new goods and services. While providing children an inducement and knowledge for this, Whyteleafe provides children an awareness about creating new business concepts, business planning, employees and capital, production promotion, marketing, preparation and presentation of business reports, financial management, risk management and various other business activities in a practical and attractive learning pattern. Experience gained by children through this while studying the success stories of world renowned entrepreneurs, enable them to build their personalities needed for a future creative professional life.