Founder and Director of the Whyteleafe Performing Arts Academy, Nalaka Swarnathilake is a creative genius with wide experience in the television, radio, stage drama and creative writing sectors. The services rendered by him throughout a span of two decades with a constantly updating vision, extend over a new path synonymous with him. The specialty conspicuous among his creations is the creative service he rendered for the benefit of Sri Lanka’s child generation.

The creative service he has rendered as a producer of television and radio programs, tele and stage drama script writer, as well as a director, writer, broadcaster and a skills and leadership training instructor, has not only come in for praise by viewers and critics alike, but also earned him State and International awards. At the inception of the Whyteleafe Performing Arts Academy in 2011, his vision was to improve children’s skills through fine arts and bequeath a child with a valued personality to the society.

A past pupil of Kingswood College, Kandy, Nalaka honed his expert skills in Mass Communication from the University of Sri Jayawardanapura and obtained a higher training in television media from the South Asia Free Media School under a scholarship. Working in several local electronic media institutions in the country, he obtained practical experience in the media field as Chief News Editor in Swarnavahini and Executive Program Producer, which is being utilized for the enormous success of his Whyteleafe Performing Arts Academy.

Primary focus in his all creative works has been around several key topics like children, family and education. Building a child with a valued personality to the society is his main aim when starting Whyteleafe.