about whyteleafe

Whyteleafe Performing Arts Academy was the first institute in Sri Lanka that was started with the intent of using speech, drama, dancing, singing and other aspects of the performing arts to develop the personality of the children. Whyteleafe also focuses on entrepreneurship, public speaking and debating, critical reviewing and team building activities to build the characters of young children enrolled at our academy. Thus the main objective is to create a better citizen for the future rather than just an artist.
It was established in October 2011 by Award winning dramatist and journalist Nalaka Swarnathilake with the goals of:

• Identifying and developing the creative talents of children
• Giving them an opportunity to showcase their talents
• Developing leadership and personality traits of children through the performing arts

The academy also aims to educate the parents as well, organizing events that actively seek the involvement of the parents and students.

Our Mission

Whyteleafe Performing Arts Academy aims to help students to discover and develop their unique skills, talents and personality through performing arts which will gear them towards a successful future.

To fulfill this mission, we aim:

  • To provide multicultural experience in fine arts
  • To encourage to express themselves as individuals
  • To promote critical thinking, innovative ideas and creativity
  • To develop leadership and personality traits
Our Vision

Whyteleafe Performing Arts Academy’s vision is to be the leader in providing personality and performing arts development for young children in Sri Lanka.