WHYTELEAFE PERFORMING ARTS ACADEMY Let’s make the rhythm of life PUBLIC SPEAKING & EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION Your voice is your art DANCING Dreaming with your feet VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL TRAINING Medicine for the younger minds ENTREPRENEURSHIP Make your own path DRAMA AND THEATER Imagination will take you everywhere CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT Be yourself…Express yourself….Have faith in yourself… BE AN ALL-ROUNDER WITH WHYTELEAFE There is a winner in every child waiting to be discovered…

Whyteleafe Performing Arts Academy is designed with the vision of creating a unique mindset within individuals. Our fundamental vision is to impart the art of living to the younger generation within a professional, disciplined, and positive learning environment.
“Whyteleafe – Life Unlimited”


Performing Arts for Personality Development

We believe that performing art is a wide substance that include many more subjects than singing, dancing and drama.

Public Speaking

Obtain that all time important life skill that can make you the most confident person you want to be..

Music @ Whyteleafe – Instrumental & Vocal

Instrument training in Piano, Guitar, Violin and Singing with emotions, to be free from worries and improve in self-confidence. Our goal through music is to let children be sensitive, pleasurable and grateful for life.

Vocal Training – Vocal section mainly focuses on teaching children to sing with emotions. Our training includes sight singing, improve stage performances and develop the vocal range of our students.

Instrumental Training – We as Whyteleafe Academy believe that playing an instrument can bring many advantages to one’s life such as increase the level of joy, improve self-satisfaction, develop memory power and etc.

Western Music School Syllabus – Our students always come on top when it comes to theory music simply because our classes are way more attractive than the typical teacher centered system and it is the place where the kids regain their lost interest in western music.

Literature Hive

Every day comes with a lot of good things to be thankful for the life we have. Let’s add one more reason to it. Literature is the best thing humanity has, which cherish our vision and illuminate our soul! Introducing these novel online Literature classes which will be a rare opportunity for your kid to experience.

Vibrant Feet – Creative Kandyan Dancing

Everybody is allowed to dance…which is why we conduct dancing classes in a way one gets to experience the tradition along with a modern touch.

Language Centre

Knowing another language gives you an opportunity to learn another culture, a different life style. Its as almost as living another life. Whyteleafe Language Centre will open doors for you to learn different cultures.

Choir de Whyteleafe

Our very own choir which is simply a foundation for children to break free, express their emotions to the fullest and be of their own desired versions in Choir de Whyteleafe.

Blends – The Whyteleafe Orchestra

It is yet another new opportunity for our children to be unique and versatile when it comes to playing their instrument. This too is way beyond a customary orchestra where we will be using many other instruments that a usual orchestra would not use.

Whyteleafe Performing Arts Academy,
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